Session 1- Intro to Paediatric First Aid


What Is Paediatric First Aid?

The Immediate care given to an Infant or child who has been injured or who has become ill prior to the arrival of qualified medical assistance.

As a paediatric first aider it is important that

you can assess the infant or child and make

decision based on your assessment.

Choosing your course

There are many types of Paediatric first aid courses. It is important that the course you choose meets the standards and regulations set by:

  • Ofsted
  • Local Education Authority
  • Statutory Framework for EYFS
  • Local Education Authority
  • Childcare Register


​Provisions of first aid in early years settings

Page 1 Session 2- Roles & Responsibilities


Roles & Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider will be dependent on the occupation of the setting for example child carers at home may work alone compared to the nursery where others may be available to help. The following responsibilities that must be considered for both environments.

  1. Ensuring first aid kits and equipment is available
  2. What actions to take on arrival of the scene
  3. Ensure safety of casualty, yourself and others
  4. Contacting emergency services
  5. Priorities the treatment of casualties
  6. Clean up process after incident
  7. Incident reporting and recording


Make The Emergency Call

Making the emergency phone call is one of the important aspects of saving a child's life. There are 2 number to use.

1. 999

   This number can be phoned from land line or mobile. When phoning from a land line your location can be identified immediately by the emergency services.

2. 112

    This number is the European emergency number, however when used from a mobile your location can be pin pointed. This number is ideal when lost or involved in a road traffic accident.

Who Can Make the Call

 Anyone can make that call. What is important is that the individual has the information to pass on. None first aiders my struggle with first aid terminology. Keep it simple and confirm they understand what is being asked of them. 

Before,During and After the Emergency Call

Before making the emergency call it is important to assess the child or infant, the information gained should be passed onto the emergency service who can assist you in first aid.

During the call remain calm and speak slowly and clearly. Inform them:

  • Who you are
  • Where the incident has occurred
  • Who is injured or ill, include age
  • State the assessment outcome i.e not breathing
  • State reason for outcome, i.e choking

Important:  Infant/Babies should go with you when you make the call. Some children may be to heavy to carry its advised to leave them.

After making the call you can leave the phone on loud speaker, Listen to any advice given by the emergency services. As a paediatric first aider you should return to the casualty as quickly as possible especially when CPR needs to be given.

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