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Asthma is a condition that affects and inflames

the airways, particularly the lungs making it difficult to manage normal breathing.


Asthma Facts

  • One in every 11 children has asthma and it is the most common long-term medical condition.
  • On average there are three children with asthma in every classroom in the UK.
  • The UK has among the highest prevalence rates of asthma symptoms in children worldwide.
  • Asthma attacks hospitalise someone every 8 minutes; 185 people are admitted to hospital because of asthma attacks every day in the UK (a child is admitted to hospital every 20 minutes because of an asthma attack).
  • Every 10 seconds someone is having a potentially life-threatening asthma attack in the UK. Every day, the lives of three families are devastated by the death of a loved one to an asthma attack, and tragically two thirds of these deaths are preventable.

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Asthma, what causes it?

Many children may have some form of Asthma

the condition can  develop to become a major

medical problem, some children's Asthma will

disappear as they get older.

What is important is to establish what causes the attacks " What is the trigger" and there are many. 

Such as;

  • ​The weather
  • ​Changes in seasons
  • Pets
  • Dust
  • Illness (Flu)
  • Second hand smoke
  • Exercise
  • ​Pollen
  • Stress & Anxiety​

By understanding the triggers the paediatric first aider can create a care plan of prevention. This is the first line of defence, however this first line can be breached.


Asthma Attack Recognition

  Asthma recognition is easy, if you know your child has the condition, what about if they are developing Asthma or its their first serious attack?

Look out for the following:

  • ​Possible triggers
  • Coughing frequently and uncontrolled
  • Breathing out is difficult
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Face/Skin turns pale
  • Lips are tinted blue
  • Feeling Week/Confused
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Becomes Unconscious


Asthma Management

 Now we have looked at some of the causes and recognition features of Asthma, We now need to look at how to manage Asthma. The most important issue is a good care plan for a child we will look at care plans and management in the next page