Hi Alderson come to your E-Learning in Paediatric First Aid. Please read all the content of your course pages and complete each assessment, ensure you check your results after each assessment and on your Learner Page, you will also receive an email on each assessment results, allow for 48hrs for your results to show on your learner page.  

Learner: Nicola Alderson

Learner ID: 001

Workshop Date: 18th January 2020

Venue:  The Beacon Catterick Garri


Theory Assessment:
This part of your course is your theory assessment, you must take your time and complete the assessments. Ensure you add your name and email at the start of each assessment you attempt.


The information on your learner page will remind you of your progress and what sessions you are required to complete. Once you have completed an assessment  at the end of the session this will automatically register completion. It will take up to 48 hours to show on your learner page.

End of course

At the end of your course you must print out your certificate  there is a questionnaire this must be completed as it is your declaration of completion. 

As you go through the course you must complete  the accident report and all assessments as you may not be able to move forward to the next learning page. Read the information on the learner pages as these will help you with the questions. You can revisit learner pages at any time and can move back to pages if required.

In the event you have a problem, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy Your Course


There are a total of 12 sessions in this course you can click onto any subject below and learn about paediatric first aid.

 Enjoy your learning

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Session 1


Session 1 is an introduction to Paediatric first aid

Session 2


Session 2 is based on the roles and responsibilities of a Paediatric first aider 

  • Complete-Accident Report
  • Complete Assesment 1

Session 3


Primary Assessment 


  • Complete assessment 2
  • Complete Assessment 3

Session 4


Session 4 covers choking in children and babies

  • Complete Assessment 4

Session 5


Session 5  covers Anaphylaxis

  • Complete Assessment 5

Session 6


Session 6 covers Asthma

  • Complete Assessment 6

Session 7


This session covers different types of head injuries and conditions

  • Complete Assessment 7

Session 8


Session 8 covers seizures

  • Complete Assessment 8 

Session 9


Session 9 covers burns and scalds

  • Complete Assessment 9

Session 10


Session 10 covers Poisons,Bites and Stings

  • Complete Assessment 12

Session 11


Session 11 covers joints and bones

  • Complete Assessment 12

Session 12


Covers shock and blood loss

  • Complete Assessment 12